Welcome to Top Drinking Games

Drinking games make any party or pre-drinks more exciting, on Top Drinking Games we have built up a collection of some of the most popular ones around. Got no playing cards or dice? you'll still be able to find a game to play, whatever the numbers or situation.

But then there's the next decision "What shall we play?" We've asked this question more times than I can remember and it's that question that lead us to initially create this website. If you feel like it you can stick with one of the classics that I'm sure you already know like Beer Pong, Ring of Fire or Boat Race. But if you fancy trying something different have a look through all our game types and find something that suits you. If you can't make your mind up at all, try the Feeling Lucky? button above, this picks one for you at random and can help solve arguments about which game to play.

Feel like we're missing something? We try our best to keep up with the latest Drinking Games but it's not easy. If you've got a great game that we're not showing, an idea for a drinking game that you want everyone to hear about or anything else you want to let us know, we'd love to hear, you can get in touch with us using our contact form or any of our social links at the bottom of the page.

Also just a quick note, we mention "Fingers" a few times throughout the website in terms of a unit of measure e.g. a player must drink "2 fingers" this means you have to drink the width of two fingers from your current drink. however this is just a generic value we've used as a suggestion feel free to change it to suit your own group.